Sanity enters the Covid discussion

Finally, some legitimate experts (with apologies to America’s Frontline Doctors) have come out and flatly stated that there is another way, a better way, to confront this pandemic that will mitigate the acknowledged catastrophic fallout of our present approach of slow opening of businesses, insanely complicated measures to open schools, and intense hand-wringing as we slowly return to normal life while waiting for the shoe to drop, i.e. cases to spike.

I have read prior articles by Dr.s Sunetra Gupta, Jay Bhattacharya, and  Martin Kulldorff. They have been consistent voices of reason and science almost since the pandemic began. It is a breath of fresh air to see them come together to present a non-political, reasoned, scientific approach to dealing with this pandemic that protects those most vulnerable while allowing the rest of us (I include myself in the low risk group despite my age because I am normal weight for my height, physically active and more fit than most of my peers, and have no medical issues known to predispose to complications of Covid) to get back to work, school, and, in general, life as we knew it before the government response turned our country on its head.

Ironically, this approach is exactly that proposed by Dr. Scott Atlas, the president’s new advisor on Covid-19, for which he has been vilified by the mainstream media and progressive left. Atlas has advocated for an age directed approach to Covid that protects the most vulnerable while allowing those at low risk to return to their pre-Covid lives.

It is about time………………..

Richard T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

Published by rtbosshardt

I am a plastic surgeon, in practice for 30 years, with varied interests. First and foremost is writing. I love to observe people, who are endlessly fascinating. I have interests in health and wellness, our environment, modern culture, history, and general medical matters. I was "born to run" and love long distance running. I have a Christian worldview which infuses everything I do. I hope this blog will be interesting, entertaining, informative, and, perhaps, even a little controversial. If I can get one person to delve more deeply into something I have said, I will have been successful.

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