Social Media: the elephant in the room.

“Social media has such an outsize presence and influence in our daily lives that it has become the proverbial elephant in the room.”

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Everyone knows what this means. In discarding something bad or undesirable, take care that you do not throw out aspects that are good or desirable. Few things are totally bad or totally good. Much of life is nuanced in this fashion.

When it comes to social media, the term would more appropriately be: don’t throw out the elephant with the bath water. Social media has such an outsize presence and influence in our daily lives that it has become the proverbial elephant in the room.

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I am a plastic surgeon, in practice for 30 years, with varied interests. First and foremost is writing. I love to observe people, who are endlessly fascinating. I have interests in health and wellness, our environment, modern culture, history, and general medical matters. I was "born to run" and love long distance running. I have a Christian worldview which infuses everything I do. I hope this blog will be interesting, entertaining, informative, and, perhaps, even a little controversial. If I can get one person to delve more deeply into something I have said, I will have been successful.

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  1. Hi Dr. Bosshardt, I am recruiting physicians who are sick of CRT for We are fighting CRT at school and at work and I envision a medical panel at the organization. Would you email me at


    1. Forgot to introduce myself. I’m a pediatrician, a woman of color immigrant, and a passionate critic of CRT.


    2. Michelle, I would like very much to follow up with you. One of my frustrations of dealing with issues like CRT is my lack of a vehicle by which to express my dismay at the torrent of progressive thought that seems to be coming our way these days. I feel like one small voice in a sea of voices all parroting a divisive, intolerant narrative and shouting down all who disagree with them. Rick


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